TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS secures the supply of critical drug for COVID-19 Patients: Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride

We ensure hospitals have access to the medicines needed for patient care, including Dexmedetomidine HCL (ATC-Code QN05CM18). TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS delivers long-term solutions that help deliver top quality patient care throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Dexmedetomidine HCl, a novel sedative-analgesic agent and a front-line drug in our intensive care units becomes increasingly important for patients while it is on the FDA’s Drug Shortage List. The sudden rise is attributable to the global COVID-19 pandemic as Dexmedetomidine HCl  injectable is used to help put COVID-19 patients on to medical ventilators.

Its rising tendency is however expected to sustain beyond COVID-19 as tremendous research is being performed based on its advantageous sedating and analgesic properties compared to other alpha 2 agonists.

Dexmedetomidine HCl is currently being investigated and researched in various fields like e.g. Transdermal formulations, Intranasal formulations for treating pain, Oral thin film formulations and Dexmedetomidine slow release microneedle array.

In  veterinary practice  Dexmedetomidine HCl  is used for premedication and as an adjunct to general anesthesia.

Dexmedetomidine Hydrochloride is immediately  available – and our whole portfolio includes more than 600+ APIs (Human + Veterinary) to secure the healthcare industry. For more information around our raw materials with value-added service for safe, reliable pharmaceuticals, please contact TIEFENBACHER  API + INGREDIENTS:  Sandra Thiel s.thiel@tifi-api.eu
or visit us on: www.tiefenbacher-api.com