We at TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS help to bridge the gap between drug development and
market access by providing high purity of Pitavastatin Calcium (NK-104 hemicalcium, EU-DMF) to
assure patients have a better access to innovations and novel therapies.

Pitavastatine Calcium (CAS Number 147526-32-7), a relatively new developed cholesterol-lowering
agent (statin), is approved for the treatment of primary hyperlipidemia and mixed dyslipidemia, in
kids > 6 years old and adults. Major clinical benefits from statins appear due to the lowering LDL
levels, directly related to cardiovascular accidents.
Pitavastatine Calcium clinical trials have proved its efficacy in reducing LDL levels in dyslipidemia.
When compared to other statins for its effect to reduce LDL cholesterol, Pitavastatine is about 6-fold
more potent than Atorvastatin, 1.7-fold more potent than Rosuvastatin and 77-fold more potent
than Fluvastatin. Pitavastatine has also demonstrated less potential for the development of myalgia
allowing patients to attain their treatment goal.

Pitavastatine Calcium is immediately available in the highest quality reference for reliable results –
and our whole portfolio includes more than 600+ APIs (Human + Veterinary) to secure the
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