TIEFENBACHER GROUP and OnDosis are thrilled to announce the launch of OYSTA®. The new healthcare brand represents the cooperation initiated in September 2020, including the co-development portfolio of innovative products in five indications. OYSTA® aims to revolutionize the way how patients take their medicines by combining pharmaceuticals with e-health technology to enable intuitive, precise, and flexible dosing.

TIEFENBACHER GROUP and OnDosis today announced the launch of the OYSTA® brand. OYSTA® represents the extensive co-development portfolio of drug/device combinations that was initiated in September 2020 and covers several indications such as ADHD, Parkinson´s disease, transplantation, and pain medicines as well as rare pulmonary diseases. The first product, combining a stimulant with the proprietary dosage manager for patients with ADHD, is already planned for launch in the US in 2024. Other indications will stand in line as next wave developments. OYSTA® captures the essence of the value proposition of the products under development: a safe “shell” (proprietary dosage manager) to protect medicines formulated as “pearls” (pellets or granules) to allow for intuitive, flexible, and precise dosing. Through the OYSTA® collaboration, OnDosis will benefit from a partner with leading competence in pharmaceutical development, supply chain, and B2B commercialization, whilst TIEFENBACHER GROUP gets access to an innovative product concept with game-changing potential in the new era of individualization of treatments and digitalization in healthcare. “OYSTA® allows us to clearly position the products we are co-developing in conversation with commercialization partners as well as with health care professionals and end users. It is ultimately a sign that our common efforts to bring innovation to patients is getting closer to market” says Kristian Ruepp, Managing Director at TIEFENBACHER GROUP. “OYSTA® perfectly captures the essence of what we want to achieve together in this exciting collaboration: individualized dosing of solid oral medicines formulated as “pearls” and protected within a device “shell” which gives reassurance to patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.  Under one name, we are co-developing a portfolio of innovative products as one team, with the ambition to revolutionize how patients take their medicines. That revolution is now accelerating” says Martin Olovsson, CEO at OnDosis.

TIEFENBACHER GROUP and OnDosis will first present the OYSTA® brand in public at CPhI 2022 in Frankfurt (Nov 1-3). To schedule a meeting please contact TIEFENBACHER GROUP via info@aet.eu.

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For any request regarding a collaboration in one of the five indications mentioned above, please contact TIEFENBACHER GROUP. For interest in any other indication or solely the device please contact OnDosis:

Dr. Kristian Ruepp
Joint Managing Director, TIEFENBACHER GROUP

Tel: +49 40 – 44 18 09-0; info@aet.eu

About OnDosis

A Swedish Life science company that will revolutionize the way patients take their medicines. The idea is to deliver the perfect dosage — individualized, intuitive, and intelligent — in a form that is easier to consume. OnDosis has developed a proprietary technology platform that centers around a connected handheld device that delivers customized and easily adjusted doses of oral medicines and enables integration of digital technologies. By combining traditional drug-based treatments with digital therapeutics, OnDosis strives to fulfill its purpose: to ensure that patients get exactly the medicine they need, so they can live the lives they deserve. www.ondosis.com

Martin Olovsson
CEO, OnDosis

Tel: +46 76 772 85 01; m.olovsson@ondosis.com

OYSTA® is a registered trademark jointly owned by TIEFENBACHER GROUP and OnDosis. The OYSTA® products are co-developed based in the proprietary dosage manager device platform developed by OnDosis.