Tiefenbacher Group is committed to becoming climate neutral by the end of 2025 – sustainability contribution to make life better for people and planet

We are pleased to share that TIEFENBACHER GROUP is committed to becoming climate neutral by the end of 2025*. As a value-driven healthcare company, dedicated to improving the life of patients worldwide, we recognize the importance of taking action to address the urgent climate crisis we face today. To achieve this goal, we are implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy that includes the following measures, among others:

As our biggest driver of the carbon footprint is energy consumption, large-scale solar panels will be installed on our manufacturing facilities in Cyprus and India. Any electricity that cannot be produced in-house and must be purchased will be purely green electricity. In addition, we are implementing energy saving and efficiency measures – especially at our production sites. Furthermore, all company vehicles will be exclusively electric in the future. With these measures, we will already achieve a great interim goal: reducing our emissions by 80% by January 2024.

We believe that this is not only the right thing to do for the planet but also the right thing to do for our business. Being commercially successful and operating responsibly by becoming climate neutral is how we generate sustainable returns. We look forward to sharing more updates on our progress towards this important goal in the coming months and years.

*Scope 1 and 2 according to GHG as well as business travel and employee commuting

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