TIEFENBACHER API + INGREDIENTS, a part of TIEFENBACHER GROUP: relocation of trees in Hyderabad – contribution to our India community to make life better for people and planet

At Tiefenbacher Group, we know that our responsibility as a global healthcare company goes beyond medicine. We understand sustainability as behaving responsibly towards society and our planet. Additionally in our day-to-day work we define sustainability as a systematic approach to harmonizing economy, ecology, and social responsibility across all our business activities.

To recognize healthy ecosystems are intrinsically linked to healthy people. The protection and restoration are an integral part of the response to climate change. Therefore we are pleased to announce that, we have replanted several different trees on and around our property. Furthermore this included the professional transplantation of old Black Plums, Black Ficus and Neem Trees to ensure the preservation of nature and green spaces. The reason for this is the extensive expansion of our Indian production facility in Hyderabad.

We, at Tiefenbacher Group, strive to make efficient use of natural resources, to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. To invest in environmental solutions that protect biodiversity and natural environment. Especially in the countries we operate is important to us. If you want to learn about how we act responsibly in our daily business to achieve our goal of sustainably to make life better for people and planet, while reducing or eliminating our impact on the environment, plase visit our website #corporateresposibility.

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