The Chinese New Year is almost here.

On the 10th of February, people around the world celebrate the Chinese New Year. They honour this day with carnival events, family gatherings, parades, traditional food, fireworks and other festivities. It is one of the most important public holidays. Incidentally not only in China, but also in many other Asian countries that traditionally follow the lunar calendar. In Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia, for example, the new year is also celebrated on 10 February. Generally the Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th day with the Yuanxiao Festival, the traditional lantern festival.

We at Tiefenbacher API + Ingredients greatly appreciate the diversity of our colleagues and look forward to celebrating their local traditions together. In the culture of our Chinese partners and colleagues, each year is associated with a particular animal of the Chinese zodiac. This year is the year of the dragon.

Tiefenbacher API + Ingredients is wishing you and your loved ones four seasons of peace and a flourishing year of the dragon.

Tiefenbacher API + Ingredients wishes a Happy Chinese New Year!

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